AUEB Teacher Education Program

The Athens University of Economics and Business (A.U.E.B.), the leader among the Business Schools in Greece, provides a high quality Teacher Education Program (TEP) to its undergraduate students.

Goals and Vision


The main goal of Teacher Education Program is the cultivation and enrichment of emotional intelligence (E.Q.) abilities to the participants in order to be able to respond to the needs and challenges of the 21t century with innovative thinking, particularly in the area of Secondary Education. Moreover, leadership, organizational and management skills for handling a teaching unit are being developed. Its main goal is to achieve pure learning with focus on the qualitative improvement of Secondary Education and generally the educational system.


Basic vision of the program is to train competent teachers and future education executives with emotional intelligence and leadership skills in order to make them capable of producing administrative and educational creativity and innovation in the Greek educational system.

Employment prospects for the graduates


      Law 3848/12-5-2010 (Enhancement of the teacher role – establishment of assessment and meritocracy rules in education): Participation for the candidate teachers of all department of A.U.E.B. from the year 2013-2014 to the contest of A.S.E.P. requires the possession of pedagogical and teaching proficiency for appointment in Secondary Education. Additionally, after a certain educational experience in elementary and secondary education, the teacher can develop into an executive, for example school unit director, deputy director, school counselor, mentor, etc.

Law for “Development of Lifelong Learning” (2010): It has been created the  National Register for teachers of informal education from the National Qualifications Certification Agency and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) . Scientific support of these institutions from executives with educational proficiency in the areas e.g. Economy, Management, Computer Science etc. is necessary, in order to acquire the potential requirements to be enrolled in the National Register and to implement effectively the learning programs under the program contracts. For this purpose, the municipalities have already established and operated Centers for Lifelong Learning and official Units for Lifelong Learning, which constantly need executives and adult trainers who will implement, with pedagogical and teaching proficiency, administrative and educational activities. This is an excellent employment opportunity for the graduates of the program.