TEP Description


The Teacher Education Program of A.U.E.B. is an annual program (2 semesters) and addresses to students who are close to complete their studies (7th and 8th  semester) of all departments of A.U.E.B.

The Program includes two axes:

A.    Pedagogical Competence : It consists of two semesters of a total of eight (8) courses of the sciences of education, 2 hour weekly teaching.

B.    Didactic Competence: It consists of two semesters of the course "Practice in Teaching I and II" (P.A.D. I and II), which is a set of teaching activities for students in actual conditions in schools.

Students begin the program by taking intensive coursework and team-teaching in public schools under the guidance of a master teacher. Teaching continues throughout the academic year with partnership schools in Athens, supported by advisory sessions planned to enrich the experience and exploration of classroom practice. Students attend final exams in 3 periods (February, June and September) for initial public school teacher licensure. The final grand is a combination of the final grade in written exams and the grade of each coursework/project for each course.