TEP Reasearch

Student Projects

In accordance with the Program courses, various projects are carried out by the students, related to the educational reality and the needs of modern education. In particular, their main themes are related to the use of new technologies in the educational process (eg WebEx, wikis, Moodle), the introduction of art in teaching of economic lessons, modern forms of management of educational units, introduction of quality models and tools in the educational units and the implementation of assessment criteria in teaching. Several projects have been presented at conferences and published in their records.


Meanwhile, during the academic year, many workshops are conducted related with issues of education. Students whose projects have been distinguished, are invited to present them at the workshop by themselves. In this way, the work of students of the program is rewarded, incentives for further research are provided and the students’ communication skills are developed.

National & International Partnerships

  • Department of Teacher Education and School Research - Norway
  • Aalto University Department of Art - Finland
  • PPL of Athens University, PPL of Anavryton, 2nd PPL of Ambelokipi, Zanneio: In the context of the program, an agreement has been made with the above experimental schools so that students can attend teaching hours. Additionally, the opportunity to conduct research regarding the implementation of innovations in teaching is given to them.


The program has many projects which promote research, writing and editing of scientific articles on issues relating to the introduction of innovations in the learning process and teaching. Articles were published in national and international reputable journals.